Join the Team

À Table! Consists of a team of professional volunteers that have come together with the goal of helping the hospital in a meaningful way. Each with their own motives, but all with the same goal. It is an incredible feel-good project with a very strong community spirit.

If you do not fit into one of the following sub-committees and have other ideas on how you would like to get involved, we are open to your suggestions!

À Table! Subcommittees:

  • Nutrition: Certified Dieticians & Nutritionists
  • Culinary:  Chefs & Culinary Professionals
  • Lifestyle & Holistic: Personal Trainers & Psychologists
  • Graphic Design: Print publishing Specialists
  • Copywriting & Editing: Recipe editors and Copywrite professionals for story-telling
  • Data Entry: Individuals with distinct attention to detail
  • Cooking & Testing: Individuals at ease in the kitchen
  • Marketing & Promotion: Social media, Television and Printed Media, and Branding specialists
  • Finance: Accounting and Corporate Sponsorship leadership role
  • Food Styling: This position has been filled exclusively
  • Photography:  This position has been filled exclusively
  • Printing: Brokers, Contacts, & Creating Specifications
  • Distribution: Local businesses, Social Media, Amazon, Trade Shows leadership role

All volunteers are recognized for their contribution through our online presence, and potentially within the cookbook.  Each candidate will be considered on an individual basis.