À Table! Aims to simplify nutrition for the busy household with simple and easy to follow recipes that taste good while simultaneously maximizing the fundraising potential for the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation.

In French, À Table translates to “come to the table” and is a common phrase you will hear parents and caretakers call out to their children when it is dinnertime.  Since this is a cookbook focused on family mealtime, we felt this was the perfect name for our cookbook.

The Montreal Children’s Hospital has been a big part of Galia’s life as a mother and she feels eternally indebted to make a difference for other families facing similar circumstances. Both Rebecca and Galia have turned to nutrition and modeling a healthy relationship with food. The cookbook is a way for the team to rekindle the family mealtime experience which has been central to the harmony within their own homes.

À Table is a way of following their passion for modelling a healthy lifestyle that also provides financial support to the families of children at the hospital; this community feel-good project has brought together so many like-minded volunteers who have embarked on the journey together to make a significant difference for the children and families being treated at the hospital.

At the onset of the project, we asked all our volunteers to submit their favorite family recipes, that have been widely accepted by the adults and children in their homes.  Our goal is to select recipes that are appealing and adaptable to the entire family, so that only one meal is ever being made, and the mealtime experience is a pleasant one full of conversation and giggles.

The recipes continue to roll-in as our team continues to grow.  We are narrowing down nearly 500 recipe submissions to a final 150 that will ultimately make it to the book.  Some recipes that are amazing but ultimately do not make the cut will be featured on social media so please don’t forget to follow @atatblecookbook.

We will have breakfast recipes including eggs, pancakes, oatmeal and other delicious surprises.  Main meals will consist of our favorite pasta, pizza, fish, poultry, and meat dishes.  We will have chapters for soups, salads, sides, and deserts.  Look out for other exciting “Do-it-Yourself” recipes, lunchbox inspiration, and submissions by famous Montreal chefs and restauranteurs!

Healthy can have different meaning for various individuals and groups of people.  The notion of healthy for the À Table! team is about fostering a healthy homemade mealtime experience.  The goal is to promote cooking at home by providing recipes that are easy to make during the work and school week and to promote eating a variety of different foods.

There will be a wealth of other information within the book which we continue to work on as the project evolves.  If you have any ideas or things you would like to see in the cookbook please let us know.  Our team of nutritional professionals, culinary experts, lifestyle coaches, and so forth would be pleased to answer any questions you may have through email, social media, on our website, or potentially even within the cookbook itself.

We have a number of teams working collaboratively on various elements of the project.  Please visit the “Get Involved” tab for a detailed description of our sub-committees.

Amazingly no!  From Dieticians, to Graphic Designers, Copywriters and editors, all our volunteers are working pro-bono to ensure that we can maximize the fundraising potential of cookbook sales.

We are seeking corporate sponsorship for production and development costs such as printing, and any other tangible costs incurred.

All proceeds from the sales of the cookbook are going to P.K. Subban Helping Hand program at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

We are projecting the launch for 2020 and will provide a more accurate estimate as we approach the finish line.

We are planning to have a number of local pick-up points, including sales through our website as well as on amazon.  We are also working through the details to offer purchase prior to release.  Details to follow as we approach the launch.